Who We Are

London's Finest smart repair solutions are an independently owned auto repair shop on wheels for any make and model vehicle. Serving the Essex and surrounding areas as a smart repair service that ensures that our 3 rules are always adhered to.

Reliability, quality and customer care. Those 3 rules are key to our success and growth. Those 3 rules along with the skills and talent will always drive us to do better and keep building us for the future.

Our goal is to be the vehicle service leader within our field. We believe in providing the highest level of service in all areas of our expertise. We will literally go the extra mile to provide you with that level of service.

With over a decade of experience from restoration work, right through to insurance and smart repair work. We are confidant, we also know we have the finesse and skills to carry out your repairs. With London's finest at your door you and your vehicle will truly be looked after

Thank you



Driving Forward

We will always be looking forward into advanced technology. Its something we believe in and the fact it has already transformed our industry today. There are many new things always happening but within the motor trade sector, changes have happened for the better.

Cars and vehicles are becoming increasingly difficult to work on due to new technology and without keeping up with it, you'll only fall behind. Thats why we will keep moving with the times

Introducing that new technology starts now!


Investing in new technology just shows how serious we are in the industry. Out on the road it was common practice to either use a rapid drying 2k primer which can lead to issues down the line, or a well known aerosol form of primer. What UV primer offers is an absolute game changer.

Firstly there isn't any wasted material with it, you only spray what you need with no mixing of 2 components as well as not needing any heat source to actually cure it. The primers can be dried with the UV lights in a matter or minutes with absolutely no draw down to it.

Times are moving on and now with new technology also means new products too. UV primers have been around for some time now but were starting to see light fillers come onto the market too. This means that minor dents can be filled with a uv curing filler that will harden with UV light meaning repairs can get even faster.

once cured these products are cured, there is no flash off times needing to wait for these products to dry, once applied and cured with the light source they are hard as nails to sand down ready for the next stage.

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